The Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society
P. O. Box 102
Glen Rock, PA 17327
MISSION STATEMENT: The Society was organized to foster interest in the history of Glen
Rock and the surrounding vicinity, conduct research, educate the public, preserve records and
objects, mark sites, and pursue such activities as may relate to the history of the community.

Chairman - Jon Nicklow - 717-235-3979 -
Vice-Chairman - Dan Stein - 717-755-4072 
Secretary - Llewella Nicklow - 717-235-3979
Treasurer - Michael Warns
 Roger Butz
 Rodney Krebs
 Janice Fritz
 Robert L. Nicklow II
 Jack Kroh
 Ricki Krebs Hevner

Collection Committee:
 Sandi Prueitt
 Megan Carrington
 Janice & Harold Fritz
 Lois & Steve Myers
 Sharon & Larry Snyder
 Jon & Llewella Nicklow
 Robert Nicklow II

Curator: Sandi Prueitt
Assistant Curator: Megan Carrington
Librarian: Sharon Snyder

Newsletter: Llewella Nicklow
Bylaws: Roger Butz 
Historian/Curator: Sandi Prueitt

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The Society was officially organized in March 2011 with an organizational meeting being
help in the PeoplesBank. The bank offered space on the second floor which we accepted and
converted into a museum, meeting area and storage. The museum officially opened in January
2012. During 2012, we became a 501c3 organization, which allows tax deductible donations.
In an effort to follow our mission statement, we have provided seven (7) walking tours of
the downtown area in which the guides explained what businesses were located around the
downtown area and when they were operational. Also, a walking history of the Mill Race and
Mill building on Water Street. We have and are putting together a collection of area related
items for people to look at and get an idea of what existed 25, 50 100 or even 150 years ago.

The Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society has marked sites deemed important through the use
of a mural, wood and bronze plaques. To date, the unofficial as well as the official group has
recognized: 1. CCC Camp on Glen Avenue (9/16/2007); 2. The First National Bank at the corner of
Manchester and Hanover Streets (10/12/2008); 3. The Woolen, Flour and Feed Mill on Water Street
(10/18/2009); 4. Roland F. Seitz, his music, home and studio on Water Street (6/8/2010); 5. The
Cold Spring Hotel on Main Street (9/18/2011); 6. The Item building / Bixler’s on Hanover Street
(10/14/2012); 7. The Glen Theatre on Manchester Street (9/29/2013); 8. The Glen Rock Hose & Ladder
Company on Hanover Street (10/5/2014); 9. Neuhaus’es on Main Street (10/11/2015); 10. Seigman & Wherley
building on Water Street (10/16/2016); 11. Immanuel United Methodist Church (10/23/2017); 12. Christmas
Star (11/11/2018); 13. Zion Lutheran Church (10/27/2019); 14. American Legion Post #403 (10/10/2020);
15. Trinity UCC Church (10/10/2021); 16. Hurricane Agnes Flood (10/9/2022); 17. Maple Hill School (10/8/2023)

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On September 19, 2010, the mural on the southwest outdoor wall of the CS Store was dedicated at the 
former location of the Railroad Station.   →   See Mural