England 3
11/30 - 12/5/2022

Dent Dale Video at White Hart Inn
Tarry Wool 12

Ten years after the second England visit, and 20 years after the first England visit, the Glen Rock Carolers
were invited back to sing on the Festival of Village Carols in Grenoside on Saturday, December 3, 2022.


← The Glen Rock Carolers left the Glen Rock EMS
building on Nov. 30, 2022 on an Elite Coach with
Lem Parker driving and Warren Laughman escorting.


First stop was Washington Dulles Airport
to catch an overnight flight. →


← After a cold, rainy, windy stop in
Reykjavik, Iceland, to change planes,


The Carolers landed safely in Manchester, UK. →



← We were met by our hosts
Ian Russell, Martin Watson,
and Maggie Little  
. . .
and traveled to the White Hart Inn
for a full English breakfast. →



← For the third time (2002, 2012, 2022),
the Carolers sang for the family of Mrs.
Anise Heathcote at the Higher Quick farm.


The Carolers made a short stop
at the Bulls Head Inn. →



← Just a short walk across the street is the town
square of Foolow. “Raise Christians Raise” was
passed to the Glen Rock Carolers by phone on
December 25, 2002. Foolow residents joined us
at the cross to celebrate our arrival.

We met our host families at the Old Red Lion →
and retired after a very long day.



← Friday, December 2, 2022, was a free day
to explore Sheffield city or countryside,
partake of local tours such as the Wentworth
Woodhouse, travel to York, UK, etc.

Friday night, accompanied by string players, an
indoor sing was held at the Old Red Lion, →
also known as the Top Red Lion, not to be
confused with the Red Lion a mile away.



← Saturday all day was the Festival of Village Carols →
led by Ian Russell, Ray Ellison, and Julia Bishop.


The Glen Rock Carolers sang in the afternoon →
as part of an interview with Ian Russell and
Darryl Engler. During the evening Grand Sing,
the Glen Rock Carolers performed twice.




← Sunday from Noon to 2 pm are the pub
carol sings. Most Carolers from Glen Rock
either went to the Royal Hotel at Dungworth . . .


. . . or the Blue Ball at Worrall. →





← Sunday evening was the going-away →
party at the Thundercliffe Grange.





← The return trip Monday was from →
Manchester, UK, through Reykjavik, Iceland,
to Washington, Dulles, to Glen Rock where
it ended 17 hours later on Monday,
December 5, 2022, at 9:59 pm.