England 2
11/28 - 12/3/2012


Ten years after the initial England visit, the Glen Rock Carolers were invited back to sing on the Festival of Village Carols in Grenoside UK on Saturday, December 1, 2012.

After an overnight flight (November 28-29, 2012) from Philadelphia to Manchester UK, the Carolers paid visit to the home of Mrs. Anis Heathcote and sons, John and Andrew (left), then sang in the community of Foolow (right).


The Carolers posed for a picture before the Grand Sing (left) and again at Thundercliffe Grange farewell party (right) before returning to Glen Rock on December 3, 2012.

On an interesting note, a display at the Festival contained the picture (right side) of the
Green Moor Carollers UK around 1924. Compare this to the Glen Rock Carolers in 1908 (left side)
from page 42 of the 2007 book "Salute This Happy Morn." ... 17 men & instruments include violin and cello.

Ref:  New Hark - Green Moor Carollers Ian Russell on John Hall Liner notes English Gallery Music