Photo credit: Sharon Spangler 2019   Photo credit: Cindy Gaeckler Rose 2015  

In 1959, F. D. Fim Owings, built a wooden star on the hill behind Trinity UCC Church. In 1977, the wooden star was replaced with an aluminum star and moved higher on the hill. In 1987, the star was moved to a site donated by the Glen Rock Jaycees. The star was refurbished in 2005. In 2015, the star was removed to be refurbished again, and the surrounding trees were trimmed.

Nobody owns the star. It is there for the enjoyment of the community and supported with donations. If you would like to make a donation to support the Star, send a check to Glen Rock Hose & Ladder Co., P.O. Box 95, Glen Rock, PA 17327, with “Star Fund” in the memo area of the check.

Through cooperation with the HACC electrician course, the star was removed from its location, supplies were purchased, and rewiring was completed. New panels and warm white LED lights were installed. The star was then returned to the hill.   (10-14-2015)

Ref: 1/6/2015 York Daily Record

(62) Photo credit: Mike Thomas 11/19/2017
Mike Thomas Facebook Photos of Star Dedication 11/11/2018

To give the town hope during the COVID-19 pandemic,
the star was shining 24-hours a day for 75 days,
from the beginning of the lockdown, March 29, 2020, to the
day York County returned to “GREEN”, June 12, 2020.
Ref: ON  3/29/2020
OFF 6/12/2020
 ]  75 days