The Route can be determined as follows:

Divide the YEAR by 4. The REMAINDER will show the route:

Remainder  1  =  M H B C
(Manchester, Hanover, Baltimore, Church)

Remainder  2  =  H M C B
(Hanover, Manchester, Church, Baltimore)

Remainder  3  =  B C M H
(Baltimore, Church, Manchester, Hanover)

Remainder  0  =  C B H M
(Church, Baltimore, Hanover, Manchester)

Example:  Take the year 2022

          505  Remainder 2  =   H M C B
     4 ) 2022                   Hanover, Manchester, Church, Baltimore

Log - Historian Jon Nicklow keeps a log of the trek each year. To estimate times, use the log from 4, 8, 12, and 16 years ago when the route was the same as this year.