Peanut Man
by Don Swartz  

Mark Radcliffe
1st Peanut Man

Mike Frey
Peanut Man

Garry Ferree
Peanut Man

Todd Ferree
Peanut Man Jr.

Following a long tradition beginning with Mark Radcliffe
in 1848, the Peanut Man precedes the Carolers,
announcing their imminent arrival by handing
out 30 pounds of peanuts over the course of
the night. Some say that receiving peanuts
from the Peanut Man brings good luck
for the following year.

Mike Frey assumed the role of the Carolers’ Peanut Man in 1972.
In 1981, the Carolers made Mr. Frey an Honorary Caroler, in recognition
of his faithful service. For his fidelity, dedication, and devotion to duty, and
a long line of really good peanuts, his fellow Carolers say, “Thank you, Mike.”

In 1999, Garry Ferree became the Peanut Man and continues to serve to this day.
Garry was unanimously elected to Honorary Caroler status in 2009.
Garry’s son, Todd, began serving in 2019 as “Peanut Man, Jr.”