Honorary Members

Article II - Section 4 of the bylaws provides for Honorary Membership:
"Such membership may only be extended to those individuals who have contributed of
themselves and their resources in such a manner as to perpetuate and epitomize the purposes
of the Association. Membership shall only be granted upon unanimous action of the Association."

The Honorary Members are:
Garry Ferree (2009)
for loyal service as
The Peanut Man
Rodney Krebs (2014)
with thanks for the
Carolers Monument
Mike Thomas (2020)
for years of photo &
Video Archive Donations
Dr. Charles Glatfelter,  honorary member from 1972-2012,
Mike Frey,  honorary member from 1981-2014,  and
Don Swartz,  honorary member from 1997-2008,
are remembered on the SCROLL along with
all who served with the Glen Rock Carolers.
P.S. Don Swartz’s “TWX in 12 Bars” ran
for 33 years on PBS Wall $treet Week.