Ian Russell
Glen Rock Festival of
English Village Carols
Saturday 11 January 2014
Zion Lutheran Church, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
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THE CAROLS:  1. Merry Christmas - 99*  2. Good News - 58*  3. Old Foster - 128*  4. Jacob’s Well - 81*  5. Back Lane - 29*  6. Hail Smiling Morn - 62*  7. Mistletoe Bough - 103*  8. Birley Edge - 34*  9. Egypt - 53*  10. Portugal - 140*  11. Christmas Tree - 37*  12. Diadem - 46*

Festival of Village Carols, Sheffield UK, 1 Dec 2012
Events for the day:  Saturday, January 11, 2014     •     (casual dress)
9 - 11 am - Illustrated talk and discussion by Dr. Ian Russell with question and answer session
11 am - 1 pm - LUNCH on your own. Two restaurants are within walking distance:
  • Mignano Brothers (Italian) on Main Street (facebook.com/MignanoBrothers)
  • Glen Rock Mill Inn (pub) on Water Street (glenrockmillinn.com)
1 ‐ 4 pm ‐ Festival Workshops at Zion Church ‐ Learn the twelve carols with orchestra
4 ‐ 7 pm ‐ Public supper at the Glen Rock Fire Company ‐ à la carte . . .
  Pit Beef Sandwich $5 ‐ Pit Ham Sandwich $5 ‐ Hot Dog $1.25
  Hamburger $1.50 - Cheeseburger $2 ‐ Chicken Tenders $3.50
  Chicken Corn Soup $2.25 - French Fries $1.25 - Soda $1 - Coffee $1
7 ‐ 10 pm ‐ “The Grand Sing” at Zion Church

The Glen Rock Festival of English Village Carols is scheduled for Saturday, January 11, 2014.  Some of the Sheffield area carol singers will journey to Glen Rock to participate in the singing of English Village Carols that inspired the original Glen Rock Carolers.  This is not a concert, but instead, everyone in attendance will be taught to sing the carols under the leadership of Dr. Ian Russell from the University of Aberdeen.  These carols will be accompanied by an orchestra including string, brass, woodwinds, and keyboard instruments, some musicians from England and some from York County Pennsylvania. The carols that will be sung are the types of carols that inspired the Glen Rock Carolers to begin their tradition in 1848 which has remained an unbroken annual tradition for 166 years.

The transcriptions and arrangements of all carols are by Ian Russell © Village Carols 2013, and used by permission.
*Page numbers are from “The Sheffield Book of Village Carols”, Edited by Ian Russell, New Edition, ISBN 0-9524871-3-6, © 2011
“The carols ... are not the well-known ones you might hear at Christmas time played repeatedly over the airwaves or as background music in a shopping mall. Rather they represent a vigorous local tradition, quite distinct in style, performance practice, and repertoire, that continues in certain communities in England, especially those in the region of Sheffield on the south-east Pennine uplands.”
Read more:  English Village Carols  ©1999 Smithsonian Folkways

The Sheffield Book of Village Carols
edited by Ian Russell • New Edition now available
THIS COLLECTION makes available music that has previously been locked away in private family manuscripts, thereby opening up a door to a whole new dimension of sound. The performance of these carols to the grandeur of a full instrumental accompaniment has been a feature of the Festival of Village Carols since 1994. This music provides the means to create such performances _ set in full score with most carols in four voice parts, three string parts, and a keyboard reduction. Moreover, the parts have been transposed to fall within the range of normal voices. It should be stressed that performance is also successful with keyboard accompaniment or sung a cappella.
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