Glen Rock, York County, Pennsylvania


   Section 1.  Regular Meetings
               Regular Meetings of the Association shall be
               held on a weekly basis, commencing no later
               than the first Sunday in November and
               continuing on a weekly basis until after the
               annual Christmas Trek.  Business may be
               conducted on each of the above rehearsal days.
               The Association shall meet at such other times
               as may be necessary to effectively conduct the
               business of the Association at a place and
               time to be determined by the Association.

   Section 2.  Special Meetings
               Special Meetings of the Association shall be
               called by the President or by the Secretary-
               Treasurer at the request of any ten members of
               the Association.  Notice shall be given the
               members of the Association by mail 48 hours
               prior to such meetings or served personally 24
               hours prior to such meetings.

   Section 3.  Quorums
               Seven members of the Association shall
               constitute a quorum for the transaction of
               business at regular and special meetings.  A
               majority of the appointed members present
               shall constitute a quorum at committee

   Section 4.  Voting
               The yeas and nays shall be taken passing any
               motion and upon any proposals which create any
               liability, or for the appropriation of
               expenditure of funds and in all cases when
               requested by any member.  Motions or other
               actions requiring a yea or nay vote shall be
               recorded in the written minutes.  Each member
               shall be entitled to one vote.

   Section 5.  Order of Business
               The following shall be the Order of Business
               of the Association, but the rules of order may
               be suspended and any matters considered or
               postponed by action of the Association:
               1.  Call to Order
               2.  Approval of Minutes
                   a.  Regular Meetings
                   b.  Special Meetings
               3.  Treasurer's Report
               4.  Opportunity for Public to Address
                   the Association
               5.  Communications
               6.  Committee Reports
               7.  Presentation of Slate and
                   Election of Officers
               8.  Old Business
               9.  New Business
               10. Adjournment