Glen Rock, York County, Pennsylvania


   Section 1.  Operating Committees
               1.  Music Committee
               2.  Nomination Committee
               3.  Resolutions Committee
               4.  Uniform Committee
               5.  Route Committee
               6.  Property Committee

   Section 2.  Appointment of Committees
               The Operating Committees shall be appointed as
               per the following sections of this article by
               the President of the Association at the annual
               reorganizational meeting, or as soon
               thereafter as possible and serve until their
               successors are appointed and qualified.

   Section 3.  Personnel of Committees
               Each committee shall consist of not less than
               two (2) members of the Association together
               with the President of the Board acting as ex

   Section 4.  Reports of the Committees
               A written report of the actions of each
               committee shall be presented to the
               Association at its next meeting following the
               respective committee meeting.

   Section 5.  Duties of the Music Committee
               The Music Committee shall be comprised of the
               Musical Director, Assistant Musical Director
               and the Section Leaders which are appointed by
               the Musical Director and approved by the
               Directors-at-Large.  The Music Committee shall
               "audition" potential members to maintain the
               present level of Active Memberships and
               Associate Memberships, determine when the
               Association shall initiate rehearsals,
               selection of all new music and the contact
               agent for the Association on all sing-out

   Section 6.  Duties of the Nomination Committee
               The Nomination Committee shall be comprised of
               the Directors-at-Large which will be
               responsible for the drafting of a slate of
               officers for presentation and reading to the
               Association at three (3) different Business
               Meetings prior to the actual election.

   Section 7.  Duties of the Resolutions Committee
               The Resolutions Committee shall be comprised
               of the Directors-at-Large for the expressed
               purpose of paying tribute and honor to
               deceased members who have expired since the
               preceding Christmas.  The Resolutions
               Committee shall draft the appropriate
               Resolution for reading at the annual Christmas
               Eve Concert and presentation to a surviving
               member of the immediate family.

   Section 8.  Duties of the Uniform Committee
               The Uniform Committee shall be comprised of
               one individual from each Section, appointed by
               the Directors-at-Large, and shall be charged
               with the responsibility to maintain an
               inventory of numbers and sizes on all capes,
               hats, and other accessories.  It shall also be
               the responsibility of the Committee to
               recommend the procurement of additional
               uniforms and accessories.

   Section 9.  Duties of the Route Committee
               The Route Committee shall consist of two
               individuals appointed by the President.  The
               Route Committee shall have the responsibility
               for the establishment of an equitable annual
               route that includes newly-expanded portions of
               town.  In addition, the Committee shall
               arrange the necessary police escort and act as
               a clearing body of all invitations for
               Christmas morning.

   Section 10. Duties of the Property Committee
               The Property Committee shall consist of two
               individuals appointed by the President.  The
               Property Committee shall have the
               responsibility to maintain and account for all
               physical properties of the Association not
               directly charged to the Uniform Committee.
               Responsibilities of the Property Committee
               shall include records, tapes, cassettes,
               history books and such other items as may from
               time to time be prepared or procured.

   Section 11. Special Committees
               The President may from time to time appoint
               special committees on subjects pertaining to
               the development and welfare of the