Glen Rock, York County, Pennsylvania


   Section 1.  Active Membership
               Such membership, when established, shall
               consist of not more than fifty (50) uniformed
               individuals.  Participation as an Active
               Member shall be granted upon recommendation of
               the Music Committee and majority vote of the
               full Active Membership.  Active Members are
               the only individuals having voting privileges.

   Section 2.  Associate Membership
               Such membership, when established, shall
               consist of an unlimited number of non-
               uniformed members.  The Associate Membership
               should consist of at least one (1) trumpet or
               cornet and one (1) trombone player which
               possess the ability to both sing and play,
               with primary responsibility to the singing
               membership.  However, if a vacancy occurs in
               the instrumental section first, the Associate
               Member would then become a musician; thereby,
               allowing the next member with seniority to
               fill the vacant singing position.

   Section 3.  Inactive Membership
               Such membership, when established, shall
               consist of former Active Members, who for
               personal reasons desire to be placed on the
               Inactive Membership rolls.  Individuals in
               this membership are not restricted from
               singing at locations or on occasions which are
               accessible to the member.  Any Inactive Member
               wishing to gain Active Member status may do so
               by requesting to be placed on the Associate
               Membership roll.  Placement shall be to a
               position of seniority within the respective
               section, subject to rules applicable to that

   Section 4.  Honorary Membership
               Such membership may only be extended to those
               individuals who have contributed of themselves
               and their resources in such a manner as to
               perpetuate and epitomize the purposes of the
               Association.  Membership shall only be granted
               upon unanimous action of the Association.