We're a Christian band, Around we stand,
To gaze on the beautiful tree,
Where are gifts for all, The great and small,
And gifts for you and me:
There are dolls and toys, for girls and boys,
And candy, fruit and books we see!
'Tis a splendid, splendid Christmas tree,
A splendid Christmas tree.

We rejoice, rejoice, with heart and voice
To see such a beautiful tree;
And we praise and bless The Righteousness
That comes to you and me:
He it was, Who gave Himself, to save
The people one and all, below;
Then a true and faithful life we'll give
To Him who loved us so.

- Glen Rock Carolers
Words by R. S. Cook. Music by Mrs. T. J. Cook (1875).
June 10, 2010

© 1875