Ye faithful, Triumphant, Enter into Bethlehem,
Enter, oh enter, with joyful sound,
Tidings, glad tidings, Sent from Heaven by

Oh come let us adore,  Oh come let us adore,
Oh come let us adore,  And praise ye the Lord.

A Virgin, conceived, Bore the world a Saviour;
God of Gods and Light of Lights.
Hail!  Holy Infant, Very God of Very God.

- Glen Rock Carolers
Added to the local repertoire, 1848-1865. Words 'Adeste Fidelis' and tune in MS of John Francis Wade, 1711-1786, unattributed. Tune possible French, in Douai MS, c.1740. See New Oxford Book of Carols. This version is a translation first published in Psalms and Hymns, Burnley, 1820, according to Julian's Hymnology and predates the well-known version by Frederick Oakley (1852).
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